Vibracoring is both an art and a science at Kinnetic Laboratories, Inc. We have been perfecting both for the better part of the last 30 years. Major improvements have been made in our initial Vibracore design. We have developed many techniques to recover an array of sediments from very soft to very dense. Our fleet of vessels and platforms have the ability to gain access to places that most other operations simply can't go. For the past thirty years we have been leading the way in high quality sediment core collection on the west coast of the United States.

Our Staff is of highly skilled personnel have characterized over 100 million cubic yards of sediments for various dredging projects. This is one of the reasons that we developed our own electric Vibracore in the early 90's when the other machines simply couldn't handle what was asked of them.

Our Vibracoring operation consist of the Vibracore head which is attached to a 4 inch aluminum, steel, or stainless steel coring tube, which can vary in lengths up to 40 feet. The coring tubes can be lined with a hard or a soft liner or the sediments can be collected directly into the tubes with no liners. For a better penetration and recovery rate, The Vibracore can be run at various frequencies for different types of materials. Our typical rate of recovery is better than 90%. We have proprietary check valves and core catcher combinations which can be tailored for different types of sediments. We take pride in the art and science of Vibracoring and will always strive for the highest quality results for our clients.



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